The Moorad Family

Do you ever have those days where you wish you lived 5 steps away from your loved ones so you could just hug their necks?

Ok let’s be real, 5 steps might be a little out of anyone’s comfort zone, but you get the picture.

I have learned that living states away from family isn’t the easiest thing and there have been multiple times when I just want drop everything to jump on a plane and get home in enough time to eat dinner with my grandparents (seriously).

Homesickness is a very real thing, but it has taught me not to take a second for granted when you are home with your loved ones whether you have the weekend or just 24 hours.

I loved being able to come home for some family time AND photograph these three at the same time. I may be a ~little~ bias, but Henry has to be the cutest, hairiest baby I have ever seen. He’s also my first nephew which makes it even sweeter.

I am so excited to watch him grow and I can’t wait to be the #bestauntever

Enjoy some of my favorites with the Moorad family!

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